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Powder Coating Southampton

Tomburn specialises in powder coating in Southampton. We provide powder coating for aluminium, galvanised steel, mild steel and a range of other materials.

About Powder Coating

Powder coating is applied to surfaces in dry powder form, using an electrostatically-charged spray gun. It is a dry coating process

The coating consists of a mixture of polymers, resins, pigments, curatives and other agents. These are ground down into a fine powder.

Because of its dry powder application to surfaces, powder coating provides an even finish, reaching even hard to reach areas and coating sharp edges.

 After the application of dry powder using a spay, the powder-coated surface is baked in an oven. This curing process allows the dry powder particles to fuse together, becoming a hard-wearing outer shell.

Using Powder Coating in Southampton

Powder coating provides professional, tough and resilient finishes for metallic products and parts. If you produce steel and aluminium fabrications in Southampton, powder coating can provide them with a good-looking and durable outer layer.

Use powder coating in Southampton to protect metal products that have outdoor uses, such as industrial equipment and exterior furniture.

If you apply powder coating to these products, it helps to make them resistant to damage and wear and tear. Powder coating protects against corrosion and the effects of natural elements.

Directional signage in Southampton can benefit from powder coating that protects and strengthens it when it is outdoors and exposed for long periods of time.

Powder coating looks good too. Applying it to office furniture, golf carts, garage doors and metallic roofs preserves the visual appeal of these products for longer.

Powder coating is the perfect solution for car parts, including door and window handles and bumpers. Car restorers and garages in Southampton can also apply powder coating to wheels, vehicle radiators and engine blocks.

The Benefits of Powder Coating in Southampton

  • Powder coating is hard and durable. It makes surfaces tougher and more resistant to scratches, chips and other wear and tear.
  • It has a quick application and drying time, making finishing processes more rapid.
  • It is highly efficient, and you can minimise waste, re-using any over-sprayed powder coating
  • Powder coating is solvent-free, with virtually none of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs harmful to human health.

 Why Choose Powder Coating in Southampton?

Surface finishing is essential for when you are using metals in a range of applications. These different applications include industrial equipment, car components, architectural parts, agricultural machinery and consumer products.

For a functional and decorative finish for metal, powder coating is ideal.

Powder coating is available in a range of colour finishes, colour matched to your requirements.

Our powder coatings technically outstanding and BS compliant for:

  • Aluminium (BS 64960)
  • Galvanised steel (BS 6497)

How Long Does Powder Coating Last?

Our powder coatings come with guarantees:

  • Matt and metallic, 30 years
  • Satin and gloss, 30 years
  • Super durable, 40 years.

Specialist marine environment coatings have site specific guarantees.

Contact Tomburn for Powder Coating in Southampton

We’re highly experienced providers of professional powder coating finishes in Southampton. 

These finishes metallic, matt, satin and gloss, and specialist finishes including:

  • Zinc powder coating
  • Aluminium powder coating
  • Textures and special effects
  • Anti-graffiti
  • Antibacterial
  • Marine environments.

We have four decades of experience in powder coating finishes.

Discover the benefits of powder coating and why so many businesses in Southampton use it as their finishing medium of choice. Get in touch for more information.

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