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Access to amazing healthcare doesn’t just mean having access to the fantastic staff that work in the industry. It also means being able to receive treatment using high-quality, clean, equipment and machinery that is in excellent condition.

In the healthcare sector, we work to protect:

  • Passenger lifts and elevators
  • Hospital beds
  • Equipment and offices
  • Lifts for disabled people
  • Rehabilitation aids

We also incorporate antibacterial paint into our finishes to further protect the healthcare industry from harmful bacteria, often invaluable in environments that need to remain highly sterile. Our metal finishes keep equipment in excellent working order for longer, saving institutions money on replacements and repairs. Powder coating changing healthcare as we know it, and we have written a blog on how useful metal finishing is for this particular industry.

Tomburn have extensive experience in providing metal finishing services for the healthcare industry, and are proud to have been the approved applicator of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh project. 

For more information about our finishing services in the healthcare industry, or for a quote, get in touch with Tomburn today on 02392 692 020.

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