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Tomburn has developed and maintains its supply chain partnerships in an international market, working daily with customers and suppliers operating in the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Italy and the USA. This network ensures that Tomburn is always operating at the forefront of product development and is able to rely on a world class pool of experience and expertise.

These partnerships allow Tomburn to use market leading products and the length of its product approval list is a testament to the high quality standards that Tomburn sets.

The following are some of the approvals and quality accreditations Tomburn have been awarded:


Qualicoat Licence Number 1029.

Akzo Nobel

Interpon D1036, D2525 and D3000.


Alesta Architectural Powders.

Tiger Coatings

Tiger Drylac Series 17, 29, 58, 68.


IGP Series 52,58, 59.


Syntha Pulvin Class 1 and Class 2.

Rohm and Haas

Bonalux AG 2000 Anti Graffiti Powders.

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