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Health and Safety

It is corporate policy that the company shall at all times meet with the requirements of the appropriate legislation governing the safe employment of members of staff and visitors, the health and wellbeing of members of staff and the protection of the environment within the company.

P. Hepburn Executive Director, C. MANSFIELD Executive Director

The following abstract from the HSE website explains why Tomburn keeps Health and Safety as one of its main priorities:

“The metal finishing or surface engineering industry has significantly higher accident rates (for fatal or 3-day injuries) than manufacturing as a whole. Indeed, whilst accident rates for manufacturing have dropped over the last 6 year period, in Surface Engineering industries they have increased.

For example, the major injury rate for surface engineering has increased from 270 (per 100,000 employees) in 1996/7 to 445 in 2002/3 whereas the manufacturing industry rates have fallen from 206 to 196 over the same period.”

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