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Quality is of fundamental importance to Tomburn and we have stringent activities within our processes to prevent any issues. Tomburn adheres strictly to British Standards as laid down for its processes which is supported by an in-depth Quality Control Process.

Quality Policy

It is our policy to get people at all levels of the company actively involved. In doing so, we are committed to:

  • Understanding the needs and expectations of the customer.
  • A process approach to our Quality System.
  • A factual approach to our decision-making.
  • Enhancing value through mutually beneficial customer and supplier relationships.
  • Continuous Improvement.
  • Leadership in an environment conducive to achieving goals and objectives.

Due to the nature of the warranties that are applied to the products we finish, a stringent auditing trail is needed not only from us to our suppliers as standard, but we are also regularly audited by our suppliers. This includes the powder suppliers to the chemical suppliers involved in our pre-treatment processes. This matrix of preventative control helps us to evolve our quality systems to ensure continued improvement.

It is important to Tomburn that there is an inherent quality culture within the company and that we operate with full traceability, holding 25 years’ worth of records.

Our quality strategy is split into two areas.

Quality Control

Quality Control is always at the forefront of Tomburn’s service.

  • All parts are fully inspected by skilled inspectors checking for visual appearance, paint thickness, gloss levels and colour uniformity.
  • Destructive tests are carried out on test panels in the laboratory twice a day. These panels are fully tested for flexibility, adhesion, impact resistance, gloss level, colour and pre-treatment quality. The fabricating quality of the coating is checked by subjecting the panels to drilling, milling, bending and sawing tests to ensure that the coating film will neither flake or peel during operations which are regularly carried out by a fabricator. The record of these tests with the test panels themselves are kept for the entire period of the warranty.
  • Tomburn also adopts a corrective action philosophy after defining root causes in the processes to ensure mistakes are not repeated.

Quality Assurance

Quality Control is always at the forefront of Tomburn’s service.

Tomburn also has an audit system working with our suppliers:

  • Independent QUALICOAT audit  (Bi-annualy).
  • Chemical audits on the Pre-treatment Process by Chemical Suppliers (Monthly).
  • Process audits by Powder Suppliers (Annual).
  • BSI audit on Quality Systems (6 Monthly).

Internal Preventative Measures:

  • Hourly chemical testing by lab technicians on pre-treatment chemicals.
  • Twice daily check of oven temperature and curing cycles.
  • Mistake Proofing Systems.
  • Preventative Maintenance Procedures on all equipment.
  • Preventative Maintenance Procedures on all aspects of jigging systems which are an absolute vital necessity to ensure good earthing.
  • In-depth training procedure and grading system for all employees.

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