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Powder Coating

At Tomburn, we provide a diverse range of technically outstanding powder coating services and products for aluminium (BSEN 12206-1:2021), galvanised steel (BSEN 13438:2013), mild steel and various other substrates, specialising in the application of thermosetting polyester, epoxy and epoxy-polyester powder coatings.

Having been involved in a richly diverse variety of high-profile projects across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, we can be counted on to deliver the excellence that you desire and deserve. Each system of application that we offer is backed by a powerful performance guarantee.

As we are compliant to BS 12206 and are Qualicoat Approved, our customers and clients can rest assured that we are fully committed to quality. Our pioneering systems ensure that fundamental areas of finishing excellence including surface appearance, colour, gloss, curing, pre-treatment, corrosion resistance and adhesion to substrates perform to the highest of standards.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is used in projects for a wide range of industries as an alternative to traditional liquid paint. It is a form of metal finishing and is normally applied as a free-flowing, dried powder. Powder coating is also a more eco-friendly option than liquid painting due to the lack of solvents involved in the process. It can also offer a more durable finish, which makes it the perfect metal finishing method for a diverse range of projects.

Key Benefits of Powder Coating


The durability of powder coating is one of the many factors that have made it such a popular option for so many projects. Powder-coated surfaces are more resistant to everyday wear and tear, particularly in industries like construction, electrical engineering and agriculture. As these sectors place a great deal of demand on machinery and construction materials, it’s essential that they can offer vast longevity and save businesses money over time.

Environmentally friendly

Businesses from all sectors are expected to do more to increase sustainability and reduce their carbon footprints. The lack of solvents used in powder coating makes it a vastly less damaging option for the environment in comparison to conventional liquid paint finishing.


Powder coating allows you to reduce waste and reduce VOCs. This enables companies to save considerable sums of money over the long-term whilst helping them to remain compliant with a range of industry regulations.

Architectural Approvals

  • QUALICOAT (Approval number 1029)
  • Syntha Pulvin & Syntha Pulvin Premium
  • Interpon D1036, D2525, D3000
  • AXALTA Alesta
  • Tiger Drylac Series 17, 29, 58, 68
  • IGP Series 52, 58, 59

Other Products

  • Anti-Graffiti (LUL Approved)
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Textures
  • Fluoro Polymer Powders
  • Special Effects

Wny Choose Tomburn for Powder Coating services?

At Tomburn, we have over four decades of experience in providing powder coating and specialist finishes. By maintaining the highest possible standards, we have been able to remain at the forefront of the industry for many years, continuing to innovate as countless competitors enter and exit the market.

You can contact us at any point if you do have any queries on how our powder coating and specialist finishes can benefit you.

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