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Powder Coating Hampshire

Tomburn provides expert powder coating services in Hampshire.

Powder coating is a versatile, efficient, effective finishing process for metal surfaces, fabrications and products.

What is the Powder Coating Process?

Powder coating is an alternative to liquid paint, and you apply it in the form of a dry powder.

The dry powder particles in powder coating a combination of various different agents, including polymer resin, pigment and curatives.

The make-up of this powder material ensures that, when you cure it, it transforms into an even, and durable, finish.

First, it is applied in dry form using an electrostatically-charged spray gun. By negatively charging the powder this way, you ensure that it adheres to the positively-charged surface.

This also enables the powder to coat even hard-to-cover areas, such as corners and sharp edges, evenly.

After the spray application comes the curing stage. This involves baking the coated part, product or surface in a special oven, at a specific temperature and time.

During the curing process, the powder melts and fuses, forming a hard, uniform outer shell.

What are the Benefits of Powder Coating?

  • Powder coating is durable and hardwearing. After you have applied it, powder coating helps to make surfaces more scratch-resistant, and it protects them from fading, chipping and other wear and tear.
  • It is a fast and convenient alternative to liquid paint. You can apply it quickly, and it dries rapidly. For finishing metal parts and surfaces, it is a highly efficient process. As soon as you have sprayed the powder on evenly, you can then cure the surface, with no additional waiting time.
  • Powder coating produces very little waste, since you can collect any under or over-sprayed powder and re-use it for other applications.
  • Powder coating is more environmentally-friendly than liquid paint because it is solvent-free. It contains virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are potentially harmful as pollutants. Therefore, powder coating is easy to safely transport and dispose of.

Why Choose Powder Coating in Hampshire?

Hampshire is home to a broad range of businesses, including agriculture, and powder coating provides excellent protection for outdoor farm machinery and equipment.

In fact, powder coating in Hampshire has a broad range of applications, including architectural features, industrial equipment, car components, and consumer products.

It is both highly functional and decorative, available in a broad range of colours, including colour-matching systems such as RAL.

Here at Tomburn, we ensure that our powder coating is fully compliant with British Standards, including:

• Coating to Aluminium (BS EN12206). and

• Coating to Galvanised steel (BS EN 13438)

• Management System (ISO 9001:2015)

It is available in different finishes, including:

  • Gloss
  • Satin
  • Matt
  • Metallic
  • Textured.

We also have various specialist powder coatings for zinc and aluminium, and for marine environments.

We can apply fluoropolymer powders for external architectural features, both commercial and residential.

And where there is a requirement for anti-bacterial or anti- graffiti coatings, we will meet it.

What are the Main Uses of Powder Coating?

You can apply powder coating in Hampshire as a finish for a wide range of metal fabrications, products and surfaces.

Where metal equipment and machinery is going to be outdoors most or all of the time, such as on the farm, then powder coating will offer essential protection.

Powder coating helps prevent corrosion, as well as strengthening the damage-resistance of surfaces.

Use powder coating on metal fabrications to make them more durable and to give them an attractive finish.

Powder coating provides prolonged protection for road safety and directional signs across Hampshire.

Car restoration businesses in Hampshire can benefit from applying powder coating to a range of different car parts, including wheels, window frames, door and window handles.

If you are supplying outdoor furniture, then powder coating will make sure it looks good and lasts longer.

Expert Powder Coating in Hampshire

At Tomburn, we specialise in powder coating, supporting different industries, sectors and enterprises in Hampshire.


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