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Powder Coating Chichester

Businesses in Chichester can benefit from powder coating. Powder coating is a highly effective alternative to liquid paint, providing versatile and durable finishes for aluminium, steel and other metallic surfaces, fabrications, parts and products.

How Does Powder Coating in Chichester Work?

Powder coating is different to liquid paint, because it is a dry coating process. You apply it using a spray gun with an electrostatic charge.

This charges the powder particles negatively, causing them to stick to the surface, which is positively charged.

Applying a dry powder coating gives the surface complete, comprehensive coverage, and this includes sharp edges, angles and corners.

Once the dry powder coat is applied, the coated part then goes into an oven for baking.

This is the curing process for powder coating. It causes the powder particles to melt and fuse together, forming a hard, uniform outer shell.

After the coated part is dry, it is ready for shipping, distribution or application.


 Using Powder Coating in Chichester

 As a specialist finishing process, powder coating has a wide variety of uses for different businesses in Chichester.

Powder coating is extremely effective in protecting outdoor metal surfaces and products, such as architectural features, exterior furniture and agricultural machinery.

For manufacturers of aluminium and steel parts and fabrications in Chichester, powder coating provides hardwearing finishes. It can also offer protection to essential equipment and machinery from corrosion.

In the Chichester area, directional signage and road signs will remain in better condition for longer when they are powder coated, because this will protect them from the effects of harsh weather conditions.

Garages and car restoration businesses in Chichester apply powder coating to protect different and improve the visual appeal to the finish of various car parts.

These parts include car wheels and bumpers, door and window handles and window frames. Powder coating can also be applied to engine blocks and car radiators.

Buildings in Chichester with external metal fixtures and fittings, such as roofs and garage doors, can benefit from powder coating to protect these features while adding to their visual appeal.

A wide range of consumer products are powder coated to make them look good, and to give them greater resilience. These products include office and garden furniture and golf carts.

What are the Advantages of Powder Coating in Chichester?

  • Powder coating is hardwearing and attractive. It provides an even finish with a tough, uniform outer shell. Powdercoated surfaces are more resistant to wear and tear, including scratching, chipping and fading..
  • It’s quick to apply, with a fast finishing time. Once the dry powder is applied, it goes straight into the oven for curing. This is a streamlined and accelerated finishing process. It is faster than applying liquid paint finishes.
  • Any powder you don’t use, or you overspray, you can easily re-use. This makes powder it an economical option, with very little waste.
  • Powder coating is also more environmentally friendly than liquid paint applications, because it is solvent-free. It contains virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful pollutants. This also makes powder coating easier and safer to transport and dispose of.

Why Choose Tomburn for Powder Coating in Chichester?

Many different metal parts and products in Chichester require good surface finishing.

These include industrial equipment, agricultural machinery, car parts, architectural features and various products, such as metal furniture and appliances.

Powder coating provides an excellent base coat as well as a surface finish in the automotive industry.

Powder coating is both highly functional and decorative, protecting metal surfaces, parts and products, but also making them more visually appealing.

The various pigments available for different powder coatings mean we can colour match to your requirements. This colour matching includes RAL colours.

Our powder coatings are BS compliant for the following:

  •  Aluminium (BS 64960), and
  • Galvanised steel (BS 6497)

We have a range of different powder coating finishes which we can apply. These include metallic, matt, satin and gloss. We also supply various specialist finishes including textured, anti-graffiti and antibacterial coatings.

 For specialist powder coatings in Chichester, including zinc and aluminium powder coating, please contact us today.

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