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Tomburn currently offer a powder coating alternative to Macrosheen and Anodising. Until recently, Macrosheen was a popular choice with both architects and specifiers - due to its value for money combined with its guarantee of up to 25 years. 

This powder coating alternative includes all the benefits of the Macrosheen system, with a range of colour finishes designed to match and exceed the options available in typical anodised shades.

  MS7 - Analok Natural
  MS6 - Analok 549
  MS5 - Analok 547
  MS4 - Analok 545
  MS3 - Analok 543
  MS2 - Analok 541
  MS1- Analok 54B
  MS - Blue Grey

Advantages over Anodising

  • Wider range of colours available

  • No colour change when in contact with mortar

  • Weld patterns on fabrications do not show through the coating
  • Applicable to more complex shapes
  • More ductile and therefore less prone to assembly and site damage
  • The low gloss level helps to hide unsightly fingerprints and smudges
  • Can be subjected to site repair
  • Die lines in extrusions are fully covered
  • Achieves complete batch to batch colour consistency
  • Lower grades of aluminium can be specified without detrimental effect to the colour consistency or quality of the finish

Powder Coating Alternatives to Macrosheen and the Environment

Due to its environmental benefits, this powder coating alternative has superseded Macrosheen and has become a more popular option for metal coating within the industry. 

For more information about the powder coating alternative to Macrosheen and anodising, please contact Tomburn. 


"Best value and service in finishing for all our customers"

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