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QUALICOAT is a not-for-profit association, global quality label organisation, committed to maintaining and promoting the quality of coating on aluminium for architectural applications to minimise the possibility of failures.

The specification ultimately gives confidence to specifiers and building owners because it sets out the controls for the complete process which is vertically integrated to include the pretreatment systems and the powder manufacturers.

The specification defines the requirements at each stage of the process, and then through its licensing system it independently audits companies to ensure they deliver on the specification. It is this third party inspection that drives the credibility of the specification.

Through its efforts over the past 35 years, the association has played a key role in improving the sustainability of aluminium used in architecture. This success has been achieved by members across the globe working together to create an evolving specification which all members follow.

Tomburn Ltd achieved licenced applicator status in April 2024 and now play an active part in the QUALICOAT UK & Ireland organisation with our Commercial Director Chris Mansfield currently holding the position of Vice-Chairman.

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