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What is shot blasting?

Also known as grit blasting, shot-blasting is a highly effective process that uses an abrasive material to remove impurities from a metal surface.

Afterwards, it can be coated with greater ease, provides a higher quality seal and improved appearance, and is easier to handle or deploy in a professional environment.

This can help to scrub an item clean or polish it, ensuring that it is fit for purpose and maximises its potential before it is coated and used.

Shot-blasting can even help to peen a surface and help maximise the quality of your materials.

How does shot blasting work?

Deployed in almost every industry that involves the treatment or use of metal, shot-blasting is a time-tested approach that provides striking results.

It involves the ‘propelling’ (shooting) of highly abrasive material toward a surface using centrifugal force to remove impurities.

A highly-aggressive process, shot-blasting is perfect for dealing with coarse materials or larger objects that need sizable, continuous force to remove imperfections.

It is perfect for handling items that need occasional heavy abrasion to wipe out impurities.

The process can also save time when your budget is a priority and it can be combined with other steps to provide overall.

What should I know about shot blasting?

Knowing when to choose between shot-blasting and less abrasive approaches such as sandblasting is helpful when it comes to managing your construction project and successfully delivering a result.

As a rule, shot-blasting is great for dealing with larger projects or dense materials that require extra force to smooth out.

By contrast, sandblasting is helpful for more delicate work where the process risks cause damage to the material.

If you are unsure about what process to follow, it is worth asking your chosen provider to recommend the best approach.

While shot-blasting is a fantastic approach for many jobs, it is essential the right tool is applied for the task, allowing you to complete your project successfully and to the highest-possible standards.

Find out more about our shot blasting services

If you want to learn more about the advantages of deploying shot-blasting in your construction project, our team at Tomburn are happy to help.

With more than 40 years of professional experience in the sector, we will work with you to settle on a pre-treatment solution that fits your budget and timeframe.

With a range of options available, we can help ensure the right one is chosen to help secure the best treatment possible.

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