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Other Products

Tomburn have a diversified product portfolio which has enabled the company to enter new market sectors outside of the architectural realm.


Tomburn apply PTFE coatings for clients operating in many differing theatres such as the electrical, mechanical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, with the medical industry being the most common.

Teflon is an example of a PTFE coating. The non-stick properties of PTFE enable coated products to outperform any other coating where high friction levels have a detrimental effect on the products performance. PTFE products are sought after not just for their non-stick properties, but their resistance to chemicals, corrosion and extremes of temperature.

Anti-Slip Solutions

The Tomburn range of accident preventing anti-slip coatings are extremely hard wearing and provide superior slip resistance for internal and external applications.

These coatings are M.O.D approved to Def Stan 80-134 Type 2 and are specified for use on warships, submarines and oil rigs, due to their durability and slip resistance, even in the wet.

Our coatings can be applied over suitably primed and powder coated substrate. Typical applications include ramps, stair treads, steps and automotive vehicle bumpers.

Site Remedial

Tomburn have been involved in site remedial work throughout Europe, helping the construction industry complete projects, refurbish old buildings and correct any issues necessary.

We have the necessary expertise and experience to ensure we are able to offer the best solutions to site problems and our personnel hold the latest CSCS accreditations to prove their necessary skills and knowledge to work safely on site.

"Best value and service in finishing for all our customers"

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