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How much weight does powder coating add?

When coating certain objects, you might be concerned about how much the full, finished item is going to weigh. This makes sense if the object to the coated then has to be transported and moved into a specific location, especially if it’s already dense and heavy.

With that in mind, how suitable is powder coating for protecting and colouring? Is powder coating weight similar to alternatives, or is it overall better when finished?

Is powder coating heavy?

Powder coating weight is something that is sometimes contested and scrutinised, particularly in areas where high performance is desired on something that has been powder coated. An example of this is in some biking communities, where the weight of a powder coated frame may be questioned as extra weight can affect the speed of the bike.

Powder coating isn’t necessarily heavy in itself, but it can add considerable weight depending on how much of it is applied, the thickness its applied to, and the size of the object receiving the coating.

This weight addition might be negligible in the case of powerful vehicles or machinery that isn’t going to be moved once set up, but for other applications it could make it a significant difference.

One of the reasons for the weight addition is that powder coating is applied thicker than liquid paint, and once powder coating is cured, it becomes liquid before hardening.

Does powder coating add a significant amount of weight to the object that is coated?

In some cases, yes. Aforementioned uses of powder coating like bike frame coating could add weight to a degree that the user can feel, but the level to which this can be called ‘significant’ depends on the context.

Substrates such as landscaping objects and architecture won’t be too affected by the addition of weight apart, unless they need to be transported.

In such cases, it may be worth deciding between the positive factors of powder coating—such as increased protection from weather and damage—versus the added weight and very slight increase to bulk.

Can my provider help me understand the weight difference?

Yes, and this is your best course of action if you’re unsure about the added weight of a powder coating.

Powder coating experts know the materials better than anybody else and can help you work out at least a rough idea of how much difference in weight you’ll see after a powder coating. If it’s likely to be too much, they may be able to suggest a change of plan to help combat this, like using a thinner coat if possible, or perhaps a different powder.

If they’re anything like us here at Tomburn, your provider will want to give you the best service possible, so opening up any questions or doubts is the best way to combat them.

To find out more about expert powder coating services, contact us today.


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How much weight does powder coating add?

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