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How long does powder coating last outdoors?


Powder coating is appreciated as a worthwhile alternative to paint for many reasons. Not least of these reasons is its ability to last outdoors, holding its appeal for a long time despite exposure to the elements.

Outdoor powder coating offers a more durable way to protect objects and materials that might otherwise rust and wear down over time. Let’s take a closer look at powder coating when used outdoors and why you need to consider it for your next coating job.

If powder coating is used outdoors, how long is it likely to last?

Powder coatings last for many years. With due maintenance keeping it clean and free from grime and dirt, an outdoor powder coating can last for twenty years and longer.

There are some factors that can affect how long your coating lasts, such as whether the right kind of coating has been used for the right application. Polyester coatings, for instance, are better suited for the outdoors than epoxy powders. Epoxy powders break down under prolonged UV exposure, leaving them chalky and faded.

Using the right type of powder coating outdoors ensures that it will keep providing the texture, colour, and overall aesthetic finish that it holds on day one through months and years.

What features of powder coating allow it to last longer?

Powder coating is applied to its substrate in a very different manner to paint. Whereas paint is applied as a liquid and then left to dry, a powder coating is already dry when applied. Using electrostatic charge to adhere, the coating is applied in the desired thickness then cured.

Curing involves using either convection heat or UV to set the powder, making it a smooth, uniform coat that forms a hard and durable layer. This method doesn’t present the same problems with uneven coating as paint, since it won’t run and drip, and in the case of thermoset powders an irreversible chemical change means the coating binds to the substrate.

This in turn means that the coating can’t be chipped and scratched away in the same way that paint can. In the case of a powder that won’t be broken down by UV from the sun, this is why powder coating fares so well outdoors and for so long.

What can be done to make powder coating last longer?

Regular maintenance goes a long way with any coating, keeping it free from lingering dirt and dust. For outdoors objects like architectural and landscaping features, keeping them covered from weather where possible can help to add some extra longevity to the coating despite its natural durability.

In some cases, your powder coating provider may be able to give the object a post-process coating to keep it extra protected.

Powder coating with Tomburn

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How long does powder coating last outdoors?

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