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Landscaping features that should be powder coated

When outdoor features need a durable finish that can stand up to factors which wet paint cannot, powder coating is ideal. Architectural powder coating can bring a wealth of benefits to a project, both functional and aesthetic.

Let’s take a look at some landscape items that benefit from powder coating to colour them and protect them from the elements.

Landscape items that can and should be powder coated

Among the long list of products that benefit greatly from powder coating finishes, outdoor architectural objects are particularly suited. These include:


Outdoor seating will typically use metal for their bases due to the material’s natural strength and longevity. The metal bases of benches need to serve their purpose for many years, taking constant weight and staying durable through all kinds of weather conditions.

Even the most high-quality metal will suffer if left unprotected against UV, dirt, and moisture from rain and snow. There is also human use to consider – every time a person kicks or scuffs the metal with their shoes, they are putting the material and its finish to the test.

Powder coating is tough in the face of these factors and isn’t subject to the same sort of wear and tear as liquid paint. It also doesn’t present the same environmental hazards associated from breakdown of the coating, such as paint flakes making their way into the environment.


Planters are likely to get wet often as the plants housed in them are frequently watered. Powder coating ensures an even, water resistant finish that will protect metal planter walls from rust and decay.

Additionally, powder coatings are safer to use around soil and plants as they contain no solvents and volatile organic compounds to leak or off-gas into their biological contents. Tough powder coating also means that there is minimal risk of scratches and chipped coating if and when the soil or plants are replaced. Powder coatings can fit into the nooks and corners of a planter design better than liquid, making them better for a complete coating.

Besides the durable qualities of a powder coating, its texture and colour options make it an attractive alternative to liquid paint. The statically charged particles of the powder apply to the substrate more evenly than liquid with no risk of dripping and running. Matt finished powder carries a more premium aesthetic than paint, and even gloss finishes with powder coatings have a nice and even finish, making it an ideal choice for the mood of your chosen landscape items.

Landscape edging

Landscape edging can be powder coated to add extra protection for all profiles and fixings, and for added colour and texture appeal for visible edging.

Though landscape edging is often made suitable for heavy traffic areas, the weather and moisture protection of powder coating ensures that the fixtures last even longer and represent even greater value for money.

Benefits of having these items powder coated

Powder coating serves many of the same applications as liquid paint, meaning much of its primary concern for the average person is in its aesthetic qualities.

Coatings can be applied in a wide range of colours and can provide a choice of subtle textured finishes. 

These can be purely cosmetic choices, or they can serve to improve grip like with wrinkle texture finishes that have a rougher surface. 

Certain materials such as corten steel, useful as they are, have rather dull brown colouring until coated and made more appealing for your garden or natural space.

Wet paint requires more maintenance than powder coatings, which is not ideal for objects like benches or architectural elements that come into frequent contact with people who might touch paint before it’s fully dried. 

Powder coating lasts longer and has a higher coating thickness, protecting its substrate for a longer time and not needing nearly as much attention.

Powder coating is also more environmentally friendly than liquid paint, which can contain harsh chemicals that are disruptive and hazardous to plant and animal life.

Architectural powder coating already finds welcome usage for a range of outdoor applications. To learn more about utilising lovely powder coating finishes in your projects, contact us today


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