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What is powder coating used for?

Powder coating is versatile and long lasting, making it an attractive option for a wide range of purposes and applications. Though many of these uses replace traditional paints, it differs from paint in some key areas.

Powder coating uses therefore need to be considered as more than just a replacement for liquid paint.

What is powder coating used for?

Powder coating is used to coat metal surfaces (substrates) much the same way that paint has traditionally been used for the same purpose. It coats and protects the substrate while adding an aesthetically pleasing finish with a range of colour and texture options to choose from.

Powder coating is as much about toughness as it is appearance, perhaps more so in many contexts. Powder coatings are durable and impact resistance, and thermoset powders in particular form a chemical bond with the metal meaning they can’t simply be chipped off by a sharp object like paint can.

Who uses powder coating?

Many businesses use powder coating for its great return on investment in the form of durability and reliability as well as ease of maintenance and cleaning, but plenty of private individuals use powder coating as an option too.

Its toughness makes it a great option for vehicles, machinery, and architecture—particularly outdoor features that need to stand up to prolonged UV and weather exposure.

Industries that use powder coating

Powder coating uses are versatile and many, making it ideal for a large number of industries and areas, including:

  • Architecture – window frames, doors, fencing, partitions, etc.
  • Agriculture – machinery and vehicles
  • Automotive – car parts
  • Road signage and bus stops – protection from weather and UV
  • Consumer goods – appliances and home décor
  • Manufacturing – protection of machinery and workspaces
  • Aerospace – enhanced durability for aircraft and parts

…and many, many more.

Why is powder coating used on certain items and in certain industries?

The most common use for powder coating is to provide a finish for metallic surfaces and products that will last a long time and provide a durable barrier against weather, abrasion, and other factors that could wear it down over time.

Powder coating also acts as a barrier against corrosion, which is essential for metal surfaces that face damp conditions and would be prone to rust and oxidation damage.

Consequently, many metal products that are designed for outdoor use have powder coating finishes to give them resilience.

Powder coating is chosen over liquid paint in these use cases for several reasons. These might include:

  • More uniform application thanks to dry powder form and electrostatic adherence to the substrate.
  • Faster process thanks to curing, rather than waiting for the coat to dry.
  • Greater return on investment due to durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Lack of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in many liquid paints.

To apply powder coating, the powder is sprayed onto the substrate and adheres thanks to a positive electrostatic charge. Being dry particles, there is some degree of self-positioning in the powder, making an even coat easier to apply than with liquid paint.

Additionally, the dry coating spray method is economical due to waste over-sprayed powder being able to be collected and recycled at a later time.

The powder is then cured using heat or UV, liquifying it and enabling it to ‘flow’ and create a uniform, cohesive layer. Once cured, the coating has a uniform toughness and durability that lasts a long time, shrugs off water, and—depending on the type of coating—holds a certain degree of flexibility.

This is ideal for industries that require the best protection possible for metal objects like machinery and vehicles, and want easy maintenance with a simple cleaning routine to prolong the life of their investment as much as possible.

Powder Coating from Tomburn

We provide a range of technically outstanding powder coatings for metal substrates including steel and aluminium.

Powder coating uses are numerous and wide-reaching. Our range of specialist coatings is manufactured from thermoset resins, including polyester, epoxy and hybrid epoxy-polyester powder coatings.

To explore the potential of durable, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient powder coatings for your business, contact us today.

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What is powder coating used for?

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