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Can you repair powder coating?

Powder coating uses a mixture of resins and pigments to create a protective coat to surfaces. Once applied, it provides a high level of durability and resilience, but over time, even high quality coatings can suffer from damage and wear and tear.

When this happens, can you repair powder coating without having to completely re-apply it?

The good news is that you can repair and touch up powder coating, providing the surface damage is not too great.

What are the Reasons to Repair Powder Coating?

Powder coating gives a unified finish to a surface, but this visual appeal and impact can lessen if the coating starts to look worn or damaged.

Even if the reason for the coating is purely functional, wear and tear can reduce the effectiveness of its performance, such as providing resistance to corrosion and offering weather protection.

Ideally, if there are defects that you notice before curing the powder, then this is the best time to rectify them. At this stage, before the powder is oven-baked, this is straightforward to do. You can easily blow off any powder that has not adhered correctly and reapply powder to the affected part. 

However, there may be a need to repair or touch up powder coatings after the curing process.

Repairing and Touching Up Powder Coating

One way to repair powder coating is to carefully apply a small amount of liquid paint.

Providing you have the right colour-matched liquid enamel, this can work where there are small, and not too conspicuous, areas of damage or wear.

Powder coating is different from liquid paint, but it is still paint. Therefore, providing you apply it properly, you can use liquid paint to repair it.

Where powder coating has faded, this usually means the surface has oxidised. When this has occurred, it is often only two to three microns deep, so you can clean the area to expose the original colour and then retouch.

Similarly, light scratches and blemishes to powder coating will tend to be shallow, enabling careful repair using a carefully colour-matched liquid paint.

  • Before touching up powder coated surfaces, you must first clean them. Clean the surface by washing using a detergent.
  • If you apply a solvent to remove any marks, you must first check that they are not too aggressive, otherwise they might melt the paint. Always test on a small, less visible area first.
  • When choosing your paint for repairing or touching up powder coating, also make sure it does not include an aggressive solvent.
  • Remove any surface contaminants with a fine rubbing down paper, and remove any loose flakes.
  • Apply a paint primer to the area you are repairing if the metalwork is exposed. The simplest way of doing this is by using an aerosol.
  • The same applies to the liquid paint topcoat. Aerosol should give you an even finish. Apply three very light coats, allowing each to dry. Where necessary, rub the paint down.

For large areas of damage we recommend that repairs are carried out by a Professional company who can offer method statements and Guarantees for their work. 

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Can you repair powder coating?

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