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Is polyester powder coating waterproof?

Polyester powder coating (PPC) is an increasingly popular alternative to wet paint finishes, and one of its basic qualities is that it is waterproof.

However, this is far from the only advantage powder coating enjoys over traditional paint materials.

PPC combines durability with an excellent finish, and is both an economical and environmentally-friendly answer to coating a range of substrates.

What is polyester?

Polyester is a synthetic fibre, formed from a chemical reaction between an alcohol and an acid.

The molecules in polyester are strong and their inherent strength means that polyester has numerous applications, from fabrics through to insulation material.

It is naturally non-absorbent of water and its low-absorbency property also makes it stain resistant.

As a key ingredient in powder coating, therefore, polyester supplies a high level of resilience and both chemical and mechanical resistance.

What are the advantages of polyester powder coating?

You can apply polyester powder coating rapidly, compared with wet paint systems, which typically will mean waiting for one coat to dry before applying another.

PPC is mostly applied as a single coat finish

Powder coating has excellent anti-corrosion qualities, and not only because polyester is naturally water-resistant.

Typically, wet paint will contain solvents, as much as 90 per cent. 

When the paint is applied to metal surfaces, those solvents evaporate. Their evaporation can leave pores in the painted surface.

These pores are then weaknesses in the surface’s defence against moisture reaching the metal beneath the paint.

However, with polyester powder coating, there is a solid film that offers a more watertight shield against moisture. 

In fact, it is so effective that a single coat can be sufficient for the task.

Polyester’s long-chain molecules mean that in resin form, mixed with pigment powder, it creates a powder coating that is inherently tough as well as being flexible.

Combined with its anti-corrosion properties, this toughness makes PPC the perfect choice for a broad range of applications requiring expert and even finishes.

How can polyester provide the perfect finish?

Because it is a powder, PPC can provide the perfect finish when sprayed and then oven-cured.

The powder is electrostatically charged, which helps its adherence to the surface and it will wrap around the edges and sides of surfaces it is applied to.

The baking or curing process, which heats the powder coating, hardens it, ensuring that the uniform finish it gives is tough and long-lasting.

What are the environmental benefits of PPC?

We have already talked about how PPC contains no solvents, making it a more effective waterproof barrier against corrosion. 

But that also means that polyester powder coating is a good choice in terms of its kindness to the environment.

No solvents minimises the presence of volatile organic compounds in PPC, making it safer to work with, to transport and also to dispose of.

And there is far less waste too because any unused or oversprayed powder can be salvaged and reapplied elsewhere.

Multiple benefits

The waterproof properties of polyester powder coating are important, but there are multiple benefits in using it as your coating of choice.

For more information about polyester powder coating, please contact Tomburn.

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Is polyester powder coating waterproof?

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