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Aluminium Powder Coating

Aluminium powder coating provides a powerful protective layer to aluminium surfaces.

It is a cost-effective, long-lasting method for providing resilient and high-quality finishes.

Aluminium powder coating has several major benefits:

  • Durable and long-lastin

  • It bonds well to surfaces

  • Economical

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Available in a broad range of colours

What is aluminium powder coating made of?

Most aluminium powder coatings are made from polyester, but they can also be epoxy-based or a polyester-epoxy combination.

These powder coatings offer a high degree of flexibility, and, once applied, have a positive impact as well as mechanical resistance.

Finishes vary, with standard polyesters providing up to Thirty years of UV resistance while more advanced, super-durable polyesters offer even greater resistance with Guarantees up to 40 years.

What makes aluminium powder coating effective?

As an advanced method of applying protective and decorative finishes to aluminium, powder coating is versatile and strong.

Applying it as a powder ensures it forms a strong, uniform layer, covering more uneven, awkward and difficult-to-reach areas.

It forms an external layer that protects surfaces against weathering and is also decorative.

Aluminium powder coating is economical compared to liquid paint finishes, because:

It provides a uniform finish, without the need to go back over imperfections

There is minimal waste, and you can reuse any oversprayed powder

With no solvents involved, compliance is low-cost

It is an adaptable form of coating for aluminium fabrications and other surfaces, reducing the need for maintenance or renovation while providing good-looking finishes that combine longevity with protection.

How do you prepare surfaces for aluminium powder coating?

For aluminium powder coating to be effective, it must adhere well to the surface you are applying it to.

To make sure this happens, you must first prepare the surface you wish to coat.

First, it needs to be free of oil and grease and there are various ways to deep clean a surface to achieve this:

Aqueous alkaline cleaning, using an alkaline solution, applying it either by immersion ; spraying or deluging

Next, aluminium surfaces will have a layer of aluminium oxide and this too requires removal to ensure a powder coating will stick to the surface.

There are two methods for removing aluminium oxide:

  • Etching using an acid solution

  • Etching using an alkaline solution

Finally, a chemical pre-treatment will promote the adhesion of the powder coating to the cleaned aluminium surfaces.

This involves:

Using a Chromate, Non-Chromate alternative or a flash Anodising to promote the bonding of the powder coating to the surface material and resist corrosion of the substrate

How do you apply aluminium powder coating?

You apply the dry powder coating using a spray gun, applying the mixture of finely-ground pigment and resin particles electrostatically.

The electrostatic charging of the powder makes it stick to the aluminium substrate.

Following this stage of the process, the powder-coated material is then cured in an oven. The heat makes the Powder coating cross link to form a coherent film and enables it to bond to the pretreated surface.

Where would you use aluminium powder coating?

Examples of the uses of powder coating include:

  • Panels and parts for many different domestic appliances
  • In the automotive industry
  • In architectural and construction projects
  • On everyday consumer items

Aluminium powder coatings come in a wide range of colours, including matt and high-gloss finishes, to suit many different applications.

What are the environmental benefits?

There are no solvents involved in the coating process, which means the emission of next to no volatile organic compounds.

Consequently, powder coating products are safe to use, transport and dispose of.

Using them also reduces energy use due to their faster processing times when compared to a liquid paint.

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Aluminium Powder Coating

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