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Metal Finishing in Construction

What is metal finishing?

A key part of surfacing an object, metal finishes are an essential part of finalising a build project. Critical to the infrastructure, utilities, and ‘outside’ of a building, metal finishing provides a protective seal on any required elements. This lets them play a key role in the integrity of a design or provide a particular aesthetic for the piece.

Metal finishing involves the application of metals to a build, and these can be from a range of options such as durable platinum or steels, or mixes of copper, titanium, or other chosen materials. This allows you to add long-lasting, essential value to your build and draw the maximum possible benefit from its construction. 

How does it work?

Metal finishing covers a range of fields but, at its core, involves the application of elements to a build. This includes, but is not limited to, steel structure and frames, guttering and roof systems, prefabricated builds, water and gas pipes, and much more.

These mission-critical elements are added as required by an expert team and installed to the highest standards in the industry. They can be applied wet, dry, or using whatever method is required to safely finish out a product. These allow you and your teams maximum flexibility in the management of your build and enable choice without a hint of compromise. It helps deliver peace of mind, a quality design, and future-proofing against damage. 

What are the advantages of metal finishing?

Deploying metal finishing involves a range of advantages, include:

Appearance: Deploying a metal finish allows you to control the appearance of your final design, providing an attractive façade or helping to hide some of the less appealing parts of your project. This can provide a striking and decorative finish that helps consolidate the identity of the build. 

Protection: Applying a metal finishing coat to your build helps provide an additional protective layer that is essential on projects of all sizes. It can help protect your build against corrosion, elemental damage from frost, and sun or rain damage. It can also cover knocks and abrasions, preventing harm to the materials layered beneath. 

Expectations: Choosing to apply a metal finish is a low-cost, high-value decision that can help exceed customer expectations when it matters most. Choosing the right finish can add genuine and perceived value to your project.

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Metal Finishing in Construction

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