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Powder Coating in the automotive industry

How is it used?

A near-essential part of the automotive industry – powder coating plays a vital role when it comes to providing a quality finish to high-end and conventional cars alike. These provide a reliable and cost-effective alternative to using liquid paint which can easily chip and damage.

Applied by electrostatic charge, powder coating can be used in a range of ways. This can allow you to provide a strong, fantastic looking body coat for a car, tailor-coat elements on motorbikes, and even be used for bespoke parts and wheel components. Given the ability to colour match with a range of options, this makes it fantastic at restoring older vintage cars to their former glory or providing a durable coat for resprayed models

How does it help?

Settling on a powder coat is much more than an aesthetic choice. The nature of a powder coat allows elements that are regularly exposed to wear and tear, moisture, chemicals, and heavy use to be provided with long-term protection and lasting colour. This saves on time, stress, and energy, letting you have your car exactly as you like it.

Applying a powder coating to a vehicle therefore brings a number of significant benefits, some of which include-

Hard Wearing: With an average lifespan of 15 – 20 years per coat, powder coating is a long-lasting solution to a problem that every car owner faces. If durability is a concern for your vehicle or how you need to use it, there are a wide range of coating options that can help address a variety of issues. This can involve deploying a polyester layer that significantly increases UV resistance, and issues caused by chemicals or corrosion from regular cleaning. 

Weather Resistant: Powder coatings are heat bonded to your vehicle’s surface, providing a solid seal. This is followed by multiple coats that create a long-lasting waterproof layer that can help fight off rust, erosion and the day-to-day wear that modern vehicles have to endure. Deploying a fluoropolymer-based coat can help improve your vehicle’s resistance to the elements and future-proof it against a rapidly changing climate.

Comprehensive coverage: While liquid coats can be applied with care, it is difficult to get truly even coverage. Powder coating can provide a smooth finish with more ease. Available at a range of price-points, powder coating can be applied to a wide range of vehicles, parts, and elements – giving you massive choice at an affordable cost. This allows you to pay by the pound of material and massively reduce wastage – letting you save money on your paint job and help protect the environment at the same time. 

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Powder Coating in the automotive industry

"Best value and service in finishing for all our customers"

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