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How strong is powder coating?

Why do people choose powder coating?

Providing excellent coverage and long-lasting colour, powder coating is a popular choice for a range of products. This produces a hard-wearing coat that is perfect for materials, machinery, or products that experience regular, heavy wear and have to look their best.

Available in a range of mixes, colours, and compositions – powder coating is a highly flexible colouring option that is designed to not only last but endure. Depending on the item being coated, this will be through automatic processes to avoid mistakes or specialist hand-painting to ensure that the coating is applied exactly as needed.

While it not only looks great, powder coating is celebrated for providing a strong finish that is resilient to the elements and protects the item from further harm – making it a perfect choice for objects that truly need it most.

How is it so strong?

One of the reasons why powder coating is so durable is because of the use of powdered colouring as liquid elements. If applied as a liquid or fine spray, the material being painted is likely to chip, crack, and weather over time. By contrast, powder coating effectively seals to the item being painted as a direct result of the application process.

This involves a carefully regulated series of steps that involve careful pre-treatment of the surface followed by direct application of the powdered coating. This often involves intensive chemical cleaning to ensure that any dirt, dust, grease or other elements are removed from the surface. Once complete, this is followed up by covering the surface in thin layers through a process known as phosphating. This helps massively increase the bond for the powder coating and provides a strong, sealed base-layer that helps actively fight corrosion.

Once the process is complete, the powder is then applied through electrostatic charge to minimise waste and ensure complete and total coverage. This allows for the swift and efficient application of a uniform layer that produces a strong, smooth finish. Once complete, the chosen item is covered in a perfectly applied layer that is not only durable to damage but seals the item below from the elements.

If durability and longevity is a priority, more coats can also be applied to help ensure strength and provide a stunning specialty finish. Where this could be a problem for conventional paint, powder coatings are fine enough to cure and dry with ease and prevent unsightly ‘layering’ that can plague painted coverings. And with minimal materials use, there is a minimised impact on the environment and less wastage involved overall.

Who do I need to contact about powder coating?

A proven and constantly refined process since the 1950’s, deciding upon a strong powder coat can be the perfect choice for a number of different items. If you want to learn about our selection of powder coatings and how effective they can be, you can contact our team today. 

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How strong is powder coating?

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