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The Importance of Powder Coating

You can’t underestimate or undervalue the importance of quality powder coating. The demand for powder coating is growing, especially with the increased use of aluminum fixtures on houses and in countries with a thriving construction scene.

The growth in adoption has created a higher demand for finishing products and there is no better solution than powder coating. The more likely it is to face harsh and changeable climates, the greater the need for powder coating. The process is used in many industries you may never have considered, including retail, automotive, architecture, and garden/homeware. The high demand for powder coating is vital for business and today’s industry needs, but why is this exactly?

Durable and long-lasting

Unlike other finishing tools that are sprayed or painted on, powder coating’s main selling point is that your products will last through years of use and wear from chipping, fading, and scratching compared to other options.

The end product is usually better off thanks to the powder coating. Traditional methods of painting will fade quickly or succumb to the elements faster. In fact, traditional painting might not even be possible! Powder coating leaves you with an object you know is ready to do its job.

Flexible and colourful

The range of colour choices for powder coating is diverse, allowing you to mirror your company’s or client’s personality The colour display will also hold up longer under the damaging effects of UV rays, not to mention the effects of ever-changing weather.

If you have an object you want to blend into the surroundings, you can paint it that colour. A fact you may not know, but at Disney parks around the world, objects like electrical boxes are painted to blend into the structures, as to not break the magical illusion. They will have achieved this through powder coating.

The same can be said for the opposite - if you want to stand out. If you have an external part of your building that you want to use to attract attention, you can choose a bright colour that can’t be missed!

Environmentally friendly

An important aspect of the process is the fact that it is environmentally friendly compared to other types of surface paints. This is because it doesn’t use solvents, and produces very few pollutants, known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Also, any extra powder released during the process can be reused, recovered, or safely disposed of rather than being released into the environment.

The use of powder coating will only become more wide-spread, especially as technology develops.  By considering the process now, you will be able to future proof your goods for years to come.

Tomburn protects an array of objects through accurate and effective powder coating services. If you want more information about our services, or if you need a quote, get in touch with us today on 02392 692 020.


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The Importance of Powder Coating

"Best value and service in finishing for all our customers"

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