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How to protect powder coating

Powder coated products can continue looking fantastic for many years to come as long as they get the care and attention that they need. A large number of powder products are kept or installed outside, which means they are exposed to the elements. This means they can lose their gloss and may start to change colour. However, if you clean them regularly, you can remove grime and dirt whilst keeping weathering to a minimum. 

Start cleaning immediately 

It’s wise to start cleaning your powder coated products not long after they have been installed. Make sure paint splashes are removed before they get the opportunity to dry. This means you won’t have to clean them in an aggressive manner and can avoid damaging them. It’s best to clean powder coated products with warm water and a soft cloth or sponge. Harsh chemical cleaners need to be avoided, as these can contain damaging solvents. If the finish becomes damaged, it is more likely that fading and straining will occur. You may reduce the life of your powder coated product by half if you use harsh chemical cleaners. 

Pressure washing and powder coating 

Pressure cleaning is a good way to clean some powder coated products. If you decide to use a pressure washer, make sure it is used on a low-pressure setting and use filtered water rather than groundwater or unfiltered tap water. Unfiltered groundwater can stain the surface, as can water that contains chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals. Soaps with emulsifiers can help you remove most stains without damaging the surface. Although solvents and petroleum-based products can remove dirt from the surface, they can also strip away layers of the powder-coated finish. 

Wax and powder coating 

Some powder coated products can be treated with wax. Examples of these include fences, handrails and outdoor furniture. Compound-type waxes should be avoided as they contain abrasives which can compromise the appearance of your product. Many owners of certain powder-coated products use high-grade non-abrasive car wax. You will only require a light coating of this. Make sure the product has UV blockers or inhibitors. You will also need to wipe off wax that remains on the surface after cleaning to avoid it staining the product. 

Powder coating: the benefits 

Powder coating is renowned for its efficiency, affordability and durability. There are many different types of colours and finishes available to you, with the powder used in powder coating being free of solvents. This makes it an eco-friendly option which releases no harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. More and more people are opting for powder coating over wet paint because when you use it, you don’t have to worry about running, dripping or unevenness. In addition, you won’t need to sand or refinish powder coating if an error is made. 

At Tomburn, we can come to your assistance if you require powder coating services of the finest calibre. To find out more about the services that we offer, get in touch today. 


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How to protect powder coating

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