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How long does powder coating last?

Powder coating is a type of metal finishing that is often used in place of liquid paint. 

It is normally applied in a free-flowing dried powder and includes no solvents, unlike liquid paint. 

Powder coating is ideal for those seeking a harder, incredibly durable finish. 

This makes it the ideal solution for a wide range of projects including buildings, agriculture, electrical engineering, and the automotive sector. 

It is also a welcome method of coating thanks to the powders being non-toxic and non-volatile, so there is no risk of their use in relation to human health and safety.

What impacts the lifespan of powder coating?

Preparation is possibly the biggest factor in the lifespan of a powder coating. 

A clean substrate – the surface being coated – is best to ensure the powder adheres properly. This is so that the electrostatic bonding can properly take place. 

During the pre-treatment process, existing coatings and corrosions will need to be stripped, with the bare metal also being cleaned. 

If the treatment process is substandard, the powder coat can chip, shortening its lifespan overall.

Vast durability

One of the main benefits of powder coating is the durability that it offers. 

The highly durable nature of powder coating enables materials to stand the test of time and serve you well for many years before they need to be replaced. 

Powder coating can also save you a great deal of money in the long run whilst helping you comply with various regulations. 

As an added bonus, powder coating looks better for longer, being resistant to fading and other wear issues.

Decades of performance

Powder coating can keep its finish for up to 40 years. 

It is noted for its resistance to chemicals, corrosion, and weather. 

Thermoset powders form chemical bonds once they are cured, making them highly heat-resistant and eliminating the possibility of melting away. 

Why does it need to last a long time?

The longer a powder coating lasts, the more cost-efficient it has been. 

One thorough application by an expert technician may be enough to last most if not all of a machine’s lifespan. 

Less time needed to maintain things like coatings also means less overall downtime, so essential vehicles serving important roles aren’t simply wasting time and money to have paint or powder redone.

Types of powder coating

There are several different types of powder available. 

Epoxy coating is normally used indoors and given a UV stable top-coat, so it can be used externally. 

Polyester is a very popular option and is ideal for internal and external environments. 

Fluoropolymers are an excellent match for outdoor projects and are noted for their resistance to weather. 

Urethanes can also offer an outstanding standard of efficiency and longevity.

What powder coating is used for

The popularity of powder coating is growing all the time. 

Powder coating is noted for its resistance to impacts, scratches and chemicals. 

It can be applied to metal, wood and glass products. 

Items that are often powder coated today include lighting, gates, railings, alloy wheels, furniture, parts and more. 

Metals which can be powder coated include aluminium, stainless and steel alloys, galvanised steel and certain cast metals. 

If the metal can hold an electrostatic charge, it can normally be powder coated. It can take just 30 minutes for powder coating to cure. 

The low VOCs make powder coating a much safer, eco-friendly alternative to liquid paint.

Powder coating services from Tomburn

At Tomburn, we offer various powder coating products for substrates including aluminium, galvanised steel, mild steel and other substrates. 

We have over four decades of experience to draw upon and aim to offer the best value and service for all our customers.

We have been involved in a high number of high-profile projects across the world and are compliant to BS EN 12206:2021 and BS EN 13438:2013. 

You can find out more about the services that we offer by calling us on +44 2392 692 020 or by getting in touch via the website. 

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How long does powder coating last?

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