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The top 5 advantages of powder coating over wet paint

 To meet your industry's demands, getting the right finish for your product is key to a long-lasting protective coating. You need something that is cost-effective and environmentally friendly while providing long term protection, quality, and performance.

 The big question to answer - should I apply wet paint to my base material or opt for professional powder coating? Powder coating continues to grow in popularity and has five significant advantages worth considering before making your decision.


Thanks to its efficient application, powder coating translates to lower costs than the wet paint process. The first reason for this is because of how well the powder coating process is automated. Labour and operational costs are minimal as little training and supervision are required to operate the powder coating process.

 Material costs are also lower as any wasted powder coatings are easily re-used. Less waste is produced and energy costs are low, along with reduced disposal costs. 


Over its long-lasting lifespan, powder coating performance is something you can count on. It’s much more durable and resistant to corrosion, chemicals and weather than its liquid paint counterpart. The powder coated finish contains epoxies which are known for their impact strength. Along with abrasion resistance, they are more resistant to chipping, scratching and other such wear due to the thermal bonding process during curing.

 Powder coating also has highly desirable mechanical properties. These make them ductile enough to bend and yield with many of the base materials. Performance advantages such as these ones make powder coating the first choice for industries that require their surfaces to withstand harsh environments.


In terms of aesthetics, powder coating has yet another advantage over traditional wet paint.  During the powder coating application, the charged powder coating particles automatically level themselves to a certain degree. This reduces the risk of uneven coatings that can easily occur when applying a liquid coating.

 These properties help explain why powder coatings don’t run or drip. This gives it a much more uniform coating than wet paint. Powder coating also does remarkably well at retaining its colour, staying brighter and fresher for longer.

 Thanks to its unique properties and application process, powder coating provides an aesthetic, long lasting, high quality and durable finish.


Great care must be applied to materials with wet paint finishes. They are carcinogenic,  flammable and full of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These properties should be carefully considered, especially if your industry works with consumable products.

 Powder coatings differ and generally contain no solvents or VOC materials. This means the entire process doesn’t involve potentially harmful chemicals typically found in wet paint. All in all, powder coatings drastically reduce any short and long term fire or health risks associated with wet paint.

 Environmentally friendly

VOCs aren’t just a safety concern, they also cause problems in our environment. In areas where they’re released, VOCs can create lasting damage to plant and animal life. This is due to their ability to form ozone when exposed to nitrogen and oxygen. As wet paint drips and runs, it’s at risk of escaping job sites and leaking into soil or water sources - posing a serious threat to the local environment.

 With powder coating, the risks of environmental contamination are greatly reduced thanks to cleaner processes and materials. Despite most of the overspray being retrieved and reused to reduce risk of contamination, powder coatings meet all Environmental Protection Agency requirements for air and water pollution control.

 Throughout their life cycle as a protective layer, powder coatings are less likely to loosen or chip away from the substrate that they were applied to compared to wet paint. As wet paint contains VOCs, their chipping potential should raise concerns for any industry that deals with consumable products or works near fragile ecosystems.

 With properties that allow greater cost-effectiveness, performance, quality, safety and environmental protection, powder coating has many advantages to consider when you’re choosing the right finish for your product.

 At Tomburn, we protect the integrity of your powder coating through accurate and effective pre-treatment services. We specialise in the pre-treatment of aluminium, mild and galvanised steel, zintec, and ferrous and non-ferrous castings. If you want more information about our pre-treatment and powder coating services, or you need a quote, get in touch with us simply by calling 02392 692 020.



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The top 5 advantages of powder coating over wet paint

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