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Macrosheen: The alternative to anodising

Macrosheen is an ideal coating for protecting surfaces in harsh environments where anodising may not provide a durable enough finish.

Macrosheen offers all the benefits of anodising, plus many more advantages that give it a superior finish and offers excellent value for money.

What is Macrosheen?

Macrosheen is an innovative, modern, surface coating that can be applied to architectural aluminium for protection against abrasion and the elements.

Available only from Tomburn, Macrosheen is a registered product designed to act as an alternative to anodising.  The coating is available in a range of colours and has a low gloss or matt finish.

The coating’s advanced durability makes it ideal for use in exposed environments that require extra protection.

Key advantages of Macrosheen over anodising

Colour – Macrosheen is available in a wider range of custom colours than anodising and achieves complete batch-to-batch colour consistency for a neater finish.

Finish – The matt finish on the coating helps it to hide unsightly fingerprints and smudges for a smoother, more consistent appearance.  The coating is also very thick, allowing it to cover and disguise extrusion lines and weld patterns.

Longevity – Macrosheen offers superior protection from weathering when compared with anodising, and is also more resistant to abrasion. Another huge advantage is that unlike with anodising, it is possible to complete on-site remedial work to structures coated in Macrosheen if they do become damaged to restore their appearance.

Flexibility – As well as being commonly applied to aluminium surfaces, Macrosheen can also be applied to other materials including steel.  This ensures an even and consistent finish across structures made from multiple materials.  The coating also benefits from being more ductile, meaning that it can be applied to more complex shapes and is less prone to assembly and site damage.

You can read more about the applications and availability of Macrosheen on our product page.

With guarantees that last up to 25 years, Macrosheen is also extremely cost-effective, providing superior value for money when compared to other available options.

To find out more about the advantages of Macrosheen surface coating, give one of our experts at Tomburn a call on 02392 692 020 and discuss your requirements in more detail.

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Macrosheen: The alternative to anodising

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