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How to choose a powder coating company for your project

With the host of benefits offered by powder coating, it’s time to choose a company for your project. You might want powder coating for your commercial gates, building or garden project, construction vehicles, or industrial appliances. Whatever the application, you want access to a professional with industry knowledge and experience.

The process

Powder coating has multiple stages that needed to be carried out carefully and accurately. First, your parts are dry-sprayed with electrostatically-charged pigment and resin particles. This charges the particles, which causes them to stick to the surface. When heat is applied via a curing oven, the particles fuse into a smooth finish and gives the surface a durable and reliable protective layer.

Before you choose a professional

It’s essential you carry out some checks before you choose a powder coating company. No single powder coating facility will be perfect for every company or product - it depends entirely on the specific demands of your project:

  • Is powder coating right for my project?
  • Anything with low heat resistant should not be powder coated. This includes wood, rubber and plastic.
  • Does anything need to be done to my project in advance before powder coating?

Some companies only offer powder coating. Additional and necessary surface preparations may need to be made. If possible, find a company that has the facilities for the surface preparations your project needs. Moving your item from blasting to powder coating immediately will ensure a clean surface and maximum powder coat adhesion.

Deciding on the right contractor

A telltale sign of professionalism - does the company you’ve chosen showcase their work?powder coating company that is proud of their work will have an online gallery with a number of varied projects they have completed. You can also look at their gallery for visual examples of something similar to the project you are planning, offering inspiration and potential ideas.

Another vital sign is that the company you choose has a quality control and assurance strategy. Some questions you may also want to consider include:

  • Do they have an auditing process in place that ensures all parts are thoroughly inspected to check for visual appearance, paint thickness, gloss levels, and colour uniformity?
  • Do they stress test powder-coated panels for flexibility, adhesion, impact resistance, gloss level, colour, and pre-treatment quality?
  • Are they transparent with the results of these stress tests so their customers can make an informed decision about the quality of their services?
  • To provide even more assurance, a powder coating company will not only audit their own processes but those of their suppliers.

With quality assurance from every angle and a proven track record, you can be confident that the powder coating company you chose will give you the best possible protective layer for your project surface.

Tomburn can help you powder coat your project. With over 40 years of experience, we pride ourselves in providing the absolute best value and services in powder coat finishing for all our customers. Contact us today to find out more about our powder coating services we offer in the UK and Czech Republic.

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How to choose a powder coating company for your project

"Best value and service in finishing for all our customers"

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