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Powder coated products you use every day

Powder coated products are covered with polyester or epoxy powders. These coatings are heated to provide a durable, reliable protective layer. Chances are you use powder coated products every single day, even if you don’t realise you are doing so. Powder coating protects products from rust and is more cost-effective and eco-friendly than traditional painting. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently-used powder coated products around right now.

A host of benefits

Powder coating is often found on the gates of residential and commercial gates to prevent rust and keep them looking great for many years. It is frequently added to the panels of refrigerators and is also used to produce most of today’s bicycle frames. Again, this is to prevent rusting. Powder coating is also added to many products we use in the garden and on our patios and is used to produce fire extinguishers, allowing them to retain their red colour whilst protecting them in extremely hot conditions.

Sport and motoring

In sport, powder coating is used to manufacture basketball rims, football helmets for American football and many other items. Powder coated rims have become incredibly popular with motorists over recent years and help to prevent problems like flaking and chipping, which can seriously compromise the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle and reduce its value.

A growing industry

More and more products are having powder coating applied to them all the time. Powder coating is even being used to finish wood and plastic-based items and is used to produce all sorts of office items including pencils and shelves. Powder coating is frequently used to protect electronic housing and wires, enhancing the safety and efficiency of electrical items. Metals that can be powder coated include stainless steel alloys, galvanised steel and aluminium. Powder coating can also be applied to certain cast metals if they are capable of holding an electrostatic charge.

Powder coating from Tomburn

At Tomburn, we specialise in providing powder coating solutions for a wide range of industries. To find out more, call +44 2392 692 020.

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Powder coated products you use every day

"Best value and service in finishing for all our customers"

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