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Powder coating vs. liquid paint: what’s the difference?

Powder coating was developed in the 1950s as an alternative to traditional architectural finishing, such as liquid paint. Although the versatility and appeal of liquid paint aren’t likely to recede anytime soon, powder coating offers a number of advantages and is steadily increasing in popularity.

What are the differences between powder coating and liquid paint? Here’s our guide…

The Differences Between Powder Coating and Liquid Paint

Liquid paint can colour a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces, whereas powder coating is carried out only in a factory setting on metallic objects.

The raw material for powder coating is dry powder. An electrostatic gun is used to spray powder particles to a grounded object, like a fence. Since the paint is positively charged, it sticks to the object. It’s then heated in an oven, where the powder melts and cures to form an excellent finish.

The Raw Materials in Powder Coating and Liquid Paint

The next difference is the raw ingredients. Wet paint contains 50% solvent to keep the pigment and fillers in a liquid form. That’s why liquid paint can cause health and fire risks. Nobody wants to expose personnel to long-term toxins.

Powder coatings are normally free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The powder is safer to work with, as it’s mainly resin and pigment based.

Advantages of Powder Coating over Liquid Paint

Why are designers and architects increasingly choosing powder coating?

  • Powder coating offers better protection against corrosion and scraping
  • 30-year manufacturing guarantees
  • Pre-treatment and curing gives a tougher, more uniform finish
  • Colour maintains its vibrancy due to curing and better bonding
  • Automation and factory control ensures superior quality and less rework
  • Time and cost efficiencies due to less supervision and labour
  • Excess powder can be recycled, making it more sustainable

Powder Coating Specialists

Tomburn has over 40 years’ experience in providing powder coating and other specialist finishes, allowing customers to create finishing touches that last. Our case studies page shows some of the iconic projects and clients we work with.

To find out more about powder coating or to request a quote for your project, contact powder coating specialists Tomburn today.

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Powder coating vs. liquid paint: what’s the difference?

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