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Why powder coating is better for you and the environment

When it comes to the manufacturing process, we have no doubt that you know what you are doing. But when it comes to coating your creation, be it a whole product or part of something greater, there are multiple options available to you. Traditional paint methods are not without their flaws, which is why you should consider powder coating, a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Due to the chemicals in standard paints, they can have an adverse effect on our environment. If your creation is public facing, it can have effects on them too. In a world keen on becoming cleaner, choosing the environmentally conscious route is always appreciated. One of the biggest selling points of the powder is its ability to provide your product with a high quality while protecting it from scratches, age, and general wear and tear.


We might have moved on from the days of lead being used in paint, but it can still present a risk to our health and the environment. The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) included in paint to help it dry are toxic. These compounds are considered to be carcinogenic. And with time and potential retouches, that’s a lot of emissions that might leak into the environment.

Luckily, there is a solution. Paints low in VOCs are a good option but they don’t have the best shelf life. However, powder coating is a fantastic way to keep the VOC count low while giving your walls a quality finish without harming you and the environment.

Effects on the environment

VOCs are toxic to the environment, not only in their application but also to produce them. The primary reason for using them despite this is their drying qualities. Powder coating, on the other hand, produces almost no VOCs and is still able to dry efficiently. The lack of harmful solvents means that you and the environment are at less risk, especially as powder coating doesn’t produce fumes.

As with materials such as single-use plastic, standard paint is yet another product that adds to the waste problem. But with powder coating, it is reusable. This is also a benefit to your wallet and can save you the expense of more materials, especially as it doesn’t require safety equipment to apply and usually only needs to be wiped down to remove marks.

Why not ditch the toxic chemicals and opt for a product that benefits both you and the environment.

At Tomburn, we offer a wide range of powder products for everything from aluminium to steel. We are BS 12206 compliant and make quality and safety our top priority. Whether you require pre-treatment, colour, gloss, or corrosion, we do it all. Contact Tomburn today on 02392 692 020 to find out how we can help you.

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Why powder coating is better for you and the environment

"Best value and service in finishing for all our customers"

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