Best value and service in finishing for all our customers

Value Added Services

 Tomburn offer the complete value added one-stop-shop in powder coating, polyamide thermal break rolling, cutting, machining, assembly and taping of extrusion profiles.

Our service enables our customers the opportunity to reduce their own labour costs and leadtimes, when placing orders for multiple processes under one roof.

Oemme Rolling Machine

This is a versatile machine which enables us to combine two thermal conductors i.e aluminium drawn substrate with thermal insulator between them (plastic isolators). This helps to reduce the heat flow in the assembled process. This machine can be used to manufacture profiles from a range of system suppliers, please contact us for details.


Elumatec Automatic Saw 650/10 - Electronically controlled precision sawing of aluminium profiles.


Comet Isola 4-axis CNC machining centre - Milling, drilling, thread cutting and slotting.


Bespoke taping machine used for applying self-adhesive protective tape to extruded aluminium profiles on up to three sides.

"Best value and service in finishing for all our customers"

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